2,000,000 Uploads

April 07, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Since my photography business is shut down for the time being, it allows me to do other things, like upload my images to the cloud.

I just surpassed 2,000,000 uploads. 2 million!

I am often asked about how many pictures I take and how do I store them?

The simple answer is everything is backed up to external hard drives and a copy of all of the hard drives is backed up to the cloud.We are talking about 15-20 TB right now. For the cloud, I prefer Box.com because I have unlimited storage, you can share a plan with a friend, and your images do not get sized down like it would with Google.

At an average sporting event I generally shoot 1-2,000 images during the game. Obviously, at Super Bowls and other major events a lot more pictures are taken. Not to mention, I am shooting pre-game and post-game. For the sake of a quick flow and to meet in-game deadlines, I shoot 99% jpg and not RAW.

Managing files can drive you insane. Organization and consistency is key. You have to clean your cards regularly after each shoot so you don't get confused and lose track of files or in case your card becomes corrupt.

As soon as I get back from a shoot, the first thing I do is to transfer my cards to the desk top. A master folder is created with the date (2020-04-07) with sub-folders briefly stating what I shot that day (Folder 1 is Sunrise and Folder 2 is Mason hoops). 

Those folders and copied to an external hard drive and to the cloud. The original folder on my desktop is what I edit down and work with. So, for all of my "keepers" there are usually a couple of untouched files to keep them preserved the way I shot them. I want a spare copy here and there in case any become corrupt over time.

How do you store your files?


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