I have been a working photojournalist in Western Pennsylvania for the past 25 years, and I genuinely love what I do.

Capturing peak action and candid moments as they naturally unfold is what I do and what I offer to my clients.


My camera and I have been to many sporting events, weddings, portraits, real estate and architecture shots, and family celebrations during my career. From the sandlot to the Super Bowl, I have photographed those at their peak, ones who are just starting out, and everyone in-between. 


Using natural light as my first option (or proper lighting when needed) and quality Nikon equipment, I take pictures that capture memories that last a lifetime. I approach every single job I do and photo I take like it's the most important picture I've ever shot. I hustle, have energy, motivation, and patience, and I thrive on meeting the needs and challenges of each client. And I do it all with a smile.