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Martial Arts Swap Chat is a collaboration with Master Zang, of Zang Tae Kwon-Do.

Our YouTube Channel "Martial Arts Swap Chat" gets you in touch with masters and greats in the world of martial arts and self-defense. Learn a move of the day in Tae Kwon-Do, Ninjitsu, Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, Capoeira, Karate,, Boxing, Tong Being, and Tang Soo Do.
Fennell Brothers BaseballTae Kwon-Do w/ Master ZangNinjitsu w/ Sensei DanKick Boxing w/ "The Gentleman" Jimmy StewartBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu w/ Master Danillo "Indio"VillefortKung Fu w/ OCACapoeira w/ Craig BoczKarate and Tang Soo Do w/ Grandmaster GossBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu w/ Master Danillo "Indio"VillefortBoxing w/ Tom YankelloTong Bei w/ Shifu Strider ClarkTang Soo Do