Sports Photography Class: Maximizing your fps (frames per second)

March 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

This time of the year, I typically shoot sports. These aren't typical times.

A lot of my followers and clients are parents of kids in sports. Unfortunately, I won't be taking their pictures anytime soon, but I will be giving you insight on how you can take your own sports photos just like a professional.

One thing that differentiates the pro from the others is the amount of pictures taken during an event. I typically shoot up to 2,000 frames during your average game, however with large events like the Super Bowl this number is easily doubled. I like to say, "The more the merrier." And this includes the number of pictures taken.

An easy way I get to these high numbers is shooting action in bursts. Your camera has a setting for frames per second (fps) so use it. Set it to the highest number possible. The cameras I use have a 7 or 9 fps continuous shooting speed. Yours may be 3, but that's ok. When taking action, maximize your camera and keep your finger depressed on the trigger so you hear your shutter shooting continuously. 

My subject today is of my daughter juggling. This is a several second burst in which I shot 49 frames and the best image that I would pick is the last one. 

I stayed with the action and moved my camera as the subject moved left to right, kept my finger on the button, and got a good frame.

I hope this helps any and all aspiring sports photographers and until next time, See Ya!

If you have any questions or other aspects of sports photography you would like me to cover then please comment below, visit my website at or email me at [email protected] 

Camera settings: 1/1250 sec; f 4.0; ISO 400


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