Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

November 25, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

The kids are going on a field trip for the new Mr. Rogers movie "Won't You be my Neighbor?" and I went on a field trip to the basement to find my old pictures from when I spent time with him at the WQED studios in 1996. All of the negatives are at the Trib, and all I can find is a clip and a couple of random shots.

 It was "A Day in the Life of Mr. Rogers" that stretched out for a month as I (and my hair) hung out with him. On the last day, Joe Negri took our photo at the request of Mr. Rogers so we could remember our time together. When I was done, he grabbed my hand and said, "Philip, you are welcome in my neighborhood anytime!"

Cheers, and have fun at the movie.


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