Sports Photography Class: Look Up & Look Down

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Sports Photography Class: Look Up & Look Down


A lot of times at sporting events, where we take pictures is usually obvious as we follow the action or look for the moments away from the play. Have a curious eye.


But sometimes, interesting pictures can be found by simply looking up or down far away from the action. Try to find something different or interesting. Make someone looking at your photos do a double take.


Since you are now the gym teacher photographing parent, it's time to find something a little different as you document your kids activity.


The "No Standing" shot was taken at Tiger Stadium during the final season in 1999. I was taking different photos of the old relic before it was closed and stumbled across this interesting shot. Most of the pictures were taken looking straight ahead but others, like this one of feet dangling over a wall, were taken as I looked up and searched for something different.


As a parent in isolation from the public, interesting pictures can be hard to come by. The shot of the kid climbing under a fence was during an outside excursion to play. I had already shot my action, but I looked down when this different moment happened. It was a little different and reminded me of my trip to Tiger Stadium.


So, I challenge you to go out and when you make pictures today, try for a totally different angle and shoot up or shoot down and see what you get.


Camera settings:

Tiger Stadium: (shot on film and I can't remember)

Under the Fence: 1/2200 sec; ISO 20, shot on an iPhone



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