Sports Photography Class-Get a high angle to clean up your shots

March 20, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Sports Photography Class: Get a high angle for a clean shot

When taking sports photos, the background can get cluttered rather quickly. One way to clean up your photo is to position yourself above the action.

Sometimes this isn't possible, or sometimes all of the green from the field can be rather, blah. But, sometimes, it is the best option.

If you can shoot from a hillside, use a long lens, and that will work just fine.

The only action I could find today was my son playing with a football. Seeing how we are in the current COVID-19 situation, sports in general have come to a halt. For this picture, I climbed a hill and used my 80-200mm.

For the other photo, I got this from a front row shooting position between the Steelers and Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. James Harrison intercepted the pass and returned it the distance for a pick-6 touchdown. Field level action of him running to you would be great, but when he collapsed in the end zone from exhaustion, I think the overhead angle works just fine too.

So, when you are out playing with your kids try taking pictures from a high angle to see how it looks different. It can be from a hill, or even out of a window in your house.

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Camera settings:

Backyard Football: 1/1250 sec; f5.0; ISO 1600 Manual

Super Bowl XLIII: 1/640 sec; f4.0; ISO 2000 Manual

Steelers Photo: Philip G. Pavely / Pittsburgh Tribune-Review



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